Why Elopement-Style Weddings Are the Perfect Way to Celebrate Your Love

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Blog

Planning your wedding is an incredibly exciting and emotional experience for couples, with so many little details all coming together to create a special day that represents you and your love story and opens the door to a new chapter together. While traditional “big” weddings may appeal to some, more and more couples are embracing the freedom and intimacy that comes with elopement-style ceremonies.

From true elopements with just the bridal couple to smaller weddings of 10-20 of your closest friends and family members, Elope in Banff is proud to partner with couples to help you plan your dream wedding day in the Rockies and offers ceremonies in Banff, Canmore, and the Lake Louise area (including Moraine Lake!). Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the reasons many newlyweds-to-be choose to elope, as well as the benefits of planning your elopement with our team. Read on to learn more!

Tradition Starts with You

The reality of larger weddings is that oftentimes, they’re less about what the bridal couple wants and more about fulfilling certain traditions and trying to appease what both families want. While this is certainly fine and can even be quite joyous if that’s what you truly want, many couples end up finding the process of planning a big wedding incredibly stressful. Details often end up becoming points of conflict, and more often than not, couples begin to feel discouraged and, at times, even anxious about their “big day”.

Even though an elopement may be a bit of a break from tradition, they also give you the beautiful opportunity to start a “tradition” of your own by making your first moments as a married couple about you. When you elope, you remove much of the stress that comes with a large-scale ceremony and are able to focus on what truly matters most to you both. No obligations to others, no messy details, just pure newly-wedded bliss!

Add Dash of Adventure

Since elopements are much smaller, they also give couples the chance to embark on an adventure together and tie the knot in a breathtaking location, the Rockies. At Elope in Banff, there’s nothing we love more than welcoming couples to our beautiful piece of the Canadian wild. Whether you’re considering a ceremony in Banff, Canmore, or Lake Louise, you’ll have a breathtaking backdrop that frames your big day and provides picture-perfect memories you’ll cherish forever. For those who may be less familiar with Banff National Park or who are arriving from international destinations, you can rest easy knowing that the Elope in Banff team will provide you with a tour of your venue, the town of Banff itself, and can even help you book reservations for your reception dinner and arrange hair and makeup, meaning that all you have to do is show up and be wed!

Beautiful Intimacy

The heart of any wedding is the celebration of your love and your decision to share in each other’s lives forever. As we mentioned above, by removing much of the “chaos” and distraction that comes with a big wedding, eloping couples are able to focus on each other and enjoy a low-key wedding day that’s centred around you. Entering into your new marriage is an incredibly special moment, and there’s nothing quite like sharing your vows together in a private, intimate setting that lets your words ring true.

Elope with Elope in Banff

If you’re dreaming of a magical elopement in the Canadian Rockies, Elope in Banff is here to help! Our team loves helping couples celebrate their union in intimate, elopement-style ceremonies suitable for just the wedding couple (for a true elopement) or up to 10-20 guests. We make it easy to plan your ceremony and handle every important detail, including securing your venue, photography, and day of organization and even offer the option to add on professional hair and makeup so all you have to do is show up and get married in Banff, Canmore, or Lake Louise!

At Elope in Banff, we believe that every couple deserves a wedding day that you can look back on with joy and love for the rest of your lives together. We cherish the opportunity to work with you to create the perfect (little) big day for you and are pleased to offer incredible indoor and outdoor venues like the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Heli-weddings atop Marvel Pass or Mt. Charles Stewart, Lake Louise, and multiple scenic outdoor sites.

Learn more about planning your dream elopement in Banff, as well as our available packages, by contacting us today!